Erin's World Frames

Improved sight for a better quality of life

Erin's World Frames

Improved sight for a better quality of life

Gulianna wearing a pair of Erin's World Frames (spectacles/glasses)
Gulianna wearing Erin’s World EW-01 Frames

Erin’s World Frames are supplied exclusively to the optical trade.

Erin’s World Frames aim to improve the sight and quality of life for individuals by providing a custom frame, fit for their unique needs.


  • Specially formatted to fit individuals with low bridges
  • High quality frames and comprehensive aftercare service


Always seek the advice of a professional when looking for specialist fitting frames. Spectacles for the developing eye must be fitted properly so the corrective lenses fulfill the requirements of the prescription.

Erin’s World Frames

Erin’s World frames were developed by the dedication of Maria Dellapina in 2004. Maria’s youngest daughter Erin was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. Many frustrating years followed as Maria tried to find spectacles that would fit and fulfil the optical requirements of Erin.

Maria combined her extensive knowledge of optics with her passion for success and began to develop a spectacle frame that would fit Erin perfectly.

The frames success is a testament to Maria’s desire to change the way spectacles are dispensed to people with Down syndrome. ‘Erin’s World’, is a frame line designed to accommodate and fit the features of children and adults with Down syndrome, as well as, other individuals with unique facial features.

Toyota Solutions Studio

Maria Dellapina, founder and President of Specs4Us, shares how her daughter Erin inspired her mission to help children with special needs.

Sumi Das interviews Maria in the Toyota Solutions Studio at the 2016 Women in the World Summit, New York City.

Maria Dellapina 2015 Toyota’s Mother of Invention by Women in the World.

Custom Design

The frames are uniquely designed with shortened temples, extra wide frame fronts and a lowered bridge. Temples are either 180° spring hinges or TR90. The frames are finished for the real world by using a Titanium memory flex bridge.

This all mean these glasses are designed to fit individuals with low flat nasal bridges and temples (or arms) that are designed to fit securely.

Erin's World Frame showing the custom lowered bridge.
Erin's World Frame showing the adjustable (TR90) long sides variation.
Erin's World Frame showing the adjustable TR90 (Short) sides.

Erin’s World Frames are an essential part of community eye-care and we are fully committed to supporting the professional and customer throughout their Erin’s World experience.

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